Finances social innovation projects, co-financed by social investors, to give them greater scale and impact.


The Partnerships for Impact financing instrument aims at financing the creation, implementation or expansion of social innovation products, through co-financing with social investors, thus encouraging impact philanthropy and contributing to a more stable, efficient and sustainable financing model.

How it Works

This instrument finances the SISEI Development Programme with over EUR 50,000, through a non-repayable grant and up to 70% of its net financing needs. The remaining 30% must be ensured by one or more private or public social investors.

Who can apply?

Private sector, public sector or social sector organisations, with the restrictions applicable to each Call, can apply.

Portuguese or international private sector, public sector or social sector organisations that undertake to allocate the financial resources to support the SISEI Development Programme may take on the role of social investors, provided they do not have a controlling interest in the candidate organisation that is promoting the SISEI.

Still have questions?

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