Communication related to European policies is a challenge that involves all stakeholders.
As such, the disclosure and dissemination of aid granted by EU Funds is incumbent upon the beneficiary organisations and managing bodies, as enshrined in Portuguese and Community legislation.

The purpose of such a requirement is to make target audiences aware of the intervention and to inform public opinion, in general, of the role the EU and the Portuguese Government play in projects and co-financing transactions, within the scope of Portugal 2020, and their respective impact and outcomes.
An appreciation of all Communication Rules that need to be followed is important so that you can give your EU co-financed project visibility.

To this end, we have provided basic documents and information on rules, procedures and dissemination, as well as several logos, co-financing banners and templates for you to read and use.

Using the Portugal Inovação Social trademark on digital and printed communications materials

E.g.: leaflets, brochures, posters, roll-ups, press releases, websites, e-newsletters, promotional videos, among others.


Co-financing banner

Co-financing banners should be used in accordance with the Operational Programme that is backing the project and may be downloaded from the respective websites, or from here:


jpg | png | pdf

jpg | png | pdf

jpg | png | pdf

Radio Spots

E.g.: radio spots not longer than 30 seconds.


“A Portugal Inovação Social initiative.”
“Project co-financed by the European Union, through the European Social Fund.”

You may also follow the link to the 2nd Edition, January 2017, of the Information and Communication Handbook for Portugal 2020 Beneficiaries published by Agência para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão, IP’s Portugal 2020 Communication Network.

Mandatory Reading

For additional information, beneficiaries should read the following two documents: Communications Style Guide and the Information and Communication Handbook for Beneficiaries.

Communications Style Guide


Information and Communication Handbook for Beneficiaries