Finances the development of management skills to help social sector organisations successfully implement a social innovation project.


The CAPACITY BUILDING FOR SOCIAL INVESTMENT financing instrument aims at supporting the development of the organisational and management skills of teams from social sector organisations that are involved in implementing social innovation and social entrepreneurship initiatives (SISEIs).

How it Works

To address the specific training needs of social sector organisations, a fixed non-payable amount of up to EUR 50,000 will be allocated to fund a Capacity Building Programme, including an Assessment of Training Needs which should be carried out before an application is submitted by an independent entity.

This 18-month programme should include up to 5 different interventions in the following areas: a value creation model, impact Study, strategy, partnerships and growth, marketing, communication and fundraising, organisation, governance, leadership and human resources, financial, control and risk management, operations and IT management.

The allocated amount may be used to engage training consultancy services, mentoring or certified training initiatives.


A simplified cost option using lump sums is applied to this instrument, in other words, it entails a contract, based on detailed information provided in the application, for the outputs from each of the capacity-building activities, otherwise known as tangible products.

If the application is approved, the real cost of the Assessment of Training Needs will be reimbursed up to an amount of EUR 5,000. Other capacity-building activities will be paid, at a previously determined amount, against delivery of the tangible products. In other words, except for the Assessment of Training Needs, expenses will be not be reimbursed, but, rather, payment will be made based on the outcome of the capacity-building process.

Payment of agreed amounts will thus be made once tangible products have been validated, without the need for submitting and validating expenses.

Who can apply?

Any social sector organisation (Associations, Foundations, Cooperatives, Private Charity Institutions (IPSS), etc.) that has an ongoing SISEI, or that has conducted a pilot experiment to test their concept, can apply.

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