Área de Intervenção

Região Alentejo

Financiamento Total 246 180 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

172 326 €

Pro-move-te is dedicated to promoting active job searching among young people. Pro-Move-Te brings together a diverse team of unemployed young people, between the ages of 18 and 34, who are dynamic, committed and responsible for their own integration into the job market. The team taking part in the project works on a voluntary basis and is coordinated by an instructor over the course of five months, five days a week. Set in a business context, with specific departments, the team works on finding a job and this active search is viewed as a professional activity. A network of companies and organisations is then created that works with the unemployed participants, through volunteers who share their experience and knowledge with the participants. The funding from Portugal Inovação Social allocated to Pro-Move-Te will be used to replicate a Spanish project in the Alentejo Region.

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