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Financiamento Total 206 595 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

144 616 €

The Mentes Brilhantes project was created out of the desire to give students from the municipality of Miranda do Corvo access to advanced studies programmes, that is, intensive instruction of concepts in knowledge areas, with a view to improving skills. The purpose is to discover talent in children and to combat underachievement and school leaving by using practical methods to teach some subject matter, in particular in scientific areas, thereby motivating children and helping them to reveal their talent. The project believes that Portugal’s success lies in an education system that knows how to discover “brilliant minds” and which properly supports children in mathematics, physics, science-based subjects, languages and the arts. Mentes Brilhantes, thus, focuses on alternative education that encourages children to “get their hands dirty” and experiment, thereby increasing their knowledge through learning by doing.

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