Área de Intervenção

Região Norte

Financiamento Total 112 500 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

78 750 €

Just a Change is a social innovation project that promotes the rehabilitation of the family homes of those in need by university students, thus combating the poor housing that afflicts Portuguese society. Just a Change seeks to reverse the negative impact that poor housing has on the lives of families and individuals and, consequently, on urban development, offering an alternative solution to resettlement and the creation of social housing districts: the rehabilitation of the houses in which they are living. The project focuses on a unique social dynamic that consists of combining three factors: direct intervention with rehabilitation in cases where no solution is available in the traditional/free market, social impact on the person in question who sees their house rehabilitated and, finally, the power and energy of the volunteers who perform the rehabilitation. The funding from Portugal Inovação Social allocated to Just a Change will be used to develop and expand the project to the north of Portugal.