Number of students: 98.7 Number of Schools: 1.11 Number of municipalities: 144

Área de Intervenção

Região Norte

Financiamento Total 179 865 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

125 906 €

Região Alentejo

Financiamento Total 76 530 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

53 571 €

ColorADD.Social promotes the inclusion of people who are colour blind, transforming schools and their libraries into inclusive, non-discriminatory places for colour-blind children who, until now, had been overlooked. With its awareness campaigns in schools, such as early screening for colour blindness and the Ver e Sentir as Cores (See and Feel Colours) initiative, ColorADD is already being used as an augmented tool to teach colours (A Cor é para Todos/Colours are for Everyone). It has also been used in National Secondary Education Exams since 2013 and in several textbooks. ColorADD.Social incorporates the ColorADD code – Colour Alphabet in its actions, which can be used in products such as pencils, clothes tags and for general accessibility, libraries and a host of other applications, allowing people who are colour blind to match symbols and easily identify the entire colour palette. The ColorADD code has been awarded several distinctions and is currently used in hospitals, public transport, education, schools and universities, the school and education materials sector, textbooks, clothing and footwear, local authorities, for tourism, culture, mobility, communication, and many other areas.

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