Área de Intervenção

Região Norte

Financiamento Total 189 968 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

132 978 €

Região Centro

Financiamento Total 176 400 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

123 480 €

Região Alentejo

Financiamento Total 181 378 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

126 964 €

CARE is an integrated network to support children and young adults who are victims of sexual violence to help reduce their risk of suffering more abuse and becoming victims of other forms of violence. Created by APAV – the Portuguese Association for Victim Support, the CARE network is a unique initiative and the only one of its kind in Portugal. It offers the most effective and efficient support to address the problem of sexual violence against children and young people. The network includes the collaborative intervention of several organisations that create synergies and combine efforts and skills so that more children can be given qualified support and be informed of their rights.

Entidade Implementadora
APAV - Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima

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