Number of Students: 6698 Number of Schools: 231 Number of teachers: 569

Área de Intervenção

Região Norte

Financiamento Total 106 500 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

74 550 €

Região Centro

Financiamento Total 72 000 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

50 400 €

Região Alentejo

Financiamento Total 71 500 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

50 050 €

Apps for Good aims at equipping students and teachers with new technologies by turning the ideas of young people into real technology products (apps) that directly benefit the community (for good).
With this initiative, Apps for Good seeks to shift the traditional teaching paradigm, raise civic awareness, contribute to social inclusion and future employability, improve the indices of school abandonment and student demotivation, and to make society more active, participatory and inclusive. The project is implemented in schools using a digital platform that incorporates all the content students need to develop their ideas, and help from expert volunteers who are a bridge to the real economy.
The funding from Portugal Inovação Social allocated to Apps For Good will be used to take the program to the northern, central and Alentejo regions of Portugal, encompassing a total of 162 schools.

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