Área de Intervenção

Região Norte

Financiamento Total 188 833 €

Portugal 2020 (70%)

132 183 €

This pioneering project created the first international Portuguese collaborative youth journalism network. In its second stage, the project is kicking off with a new local team of six young graduates, based in Porto. Having completed their theoretical training, the team writes journalistic content for the Portuguese-speaking community, sharing the techniques they learned with other young people who could potentially replicate the knowledge through a partner network of universities and polytechnics with small journalism clubs. The young people who head up and coordinate these clubs are trained and mentored by the central team in Porto and, thus, themselves become multipliers of the knowledge they acquire. Nearly 1,200 young people are estimated to be a part of this initiative and more than three million people are thought to have access to the journalistic content, thereby proactively contributing to the creation of a more informed and interconnected Portuguese-speaking community. The funding from Portugal Inovação Social allocated to Portal Conexão Lusófona will be used to finance the second stage of the project.

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